Posted by: stephanied23 | September 9, 2012

Breaking the rules

I found this article and there were a few points that related to one of the video clips that we watched in class. At the beginning of the article it compares men and women based on rules. It states that women are more likely to follow the rules, while men are more willing to break the rules. This may be why it is rare to see women breaking the rules or the norms of society. Another thing that I caught, that related directly to one of our videos, was that Virginia Rometty said that she doubted herself and hesitated to take leadership positions. In the video we watched, the speaker said that women are less confident about their ability (example being that her brother felt that he did well on the exam, while she and her friend (female) felt that they did poorly). Thankfully, Rometty knew she needed to push her self-doubt away and take more chances. This article promotes women to step up and break the rules because breaking them will allow women to succeed. 

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