Posted by: thomashaymescnu | September 9, 2012


According to this article, two big reasons why women advancing in leadership has stalled are: 1.) The stereotype that men make the better leaders, and 2.) Myths about working women like how they prefer the slower tracks. That got me thinking about what we read in this weeks homework, about Sarah Palin: Governor of Alaska, vice presidential candidate for the Republican party, single mother. She was criticized for her indecisiveness regarding policies and general acting like a royal fool. Meanwhile Hillary Clinton is hard, harsh, and ‘a real ballbuster’ and a serious contender for the nomination, up until an emotional breakdown. This makes me think that there may exist a stereotype for how women in leadership are supposed to act: cynical and tough. Is this stereotype dangerous for women? I believe so. There are plenty of women out there in leadership positions who are also parents and people possessing softer sides. A stereotype like this would only limit the opportunities for women in leadership, if they are  all required to act like men 24/7.

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