Posted by: susanpatriquin | September 11, 2012

Men, Women and Feminism

So this is by no means an academic article (it’s at the bottom), but I did find it interesting that it discusses a personal story of a man and his view on feminism. I think it provides a great light into the side which we only touched on in class the other day. We were right, women do not have to be bra-burning, crazy, man hating women, but I don’t think we discussed men in this role enough. This article gives men a voice, and explains the “f” word from their side. To me, this quote explains the article, feminism, and how to avoid a gender assumption and bias in today’s society. The author says it like this, “Not only does feminism give woman a voice, but it also clears the way for men to free themselves from the stranglehold of traditional masculinity.” 

Feminism doesn’t have to be a scary idea, it is attainable by everyone, and although it is not directly necessary for leadership, I think in this moment in history, people need to understand what being a feminist is really all about. By defining it within reasonable bounds, we allow ourselves – as citizens, to understand and comprehend the difference between a feminist and a radical feminist. This distinction will tailor the lens through which we view women, men, leadership, and essentially how we view the world.,0


  1. Susan, I really enjoyed reading this article. I think we haven’t really discussed how a woman’s presence in leadership has affected men; but this gives us a starting point. Feminism, or the presence of a stronger and leading lady can change the environment for men as well. By breaking the gender roles, and pushing the norms a woman can influence or inspire men to do the same thing. Who says that the men in leadership now aren’t influenced and have the same pressure of following the male stereotype?

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