Posted by: laurenboudreau26 | September 12, 2012

Gender Stereotypes and Child Development

I read a very interesting article (click above ^^) that discussed the relationship between childhood development and gender stereotypes, sadly there is a pretty strong relationship. Many researchers wondered how and why even children developed knowledge about gender stereotypes. Developmental theorists focused on a variety of different aspects such as gender groups and sex-types. More specifically, the researcher introduced an interesting argument about a possible “superordinate” gender schema that introduced the gender label to children. They basically fit information about everything from toys to traits into male/boys or female/girls categories. A lot of the studies conducted further research in areas like the categories which also correspond to modeling (from adults) and learning to create their own inferences about gender stereotypes. Can you believe gender stereotypes start even at a young age?! It’s pretty sad if you ask me…which brings me to my argument that ADULTS need to set the example to prevent future gender stereotyping. Sadly, a lot of gender stereotypes just happen subconsciously. Definitely read the STUDY in the article link above–and the results showed that judgments were present! It is a lengthy study/analysis, but it is very interesting. I know in class we have focused more on adult behaviors, but we haven’t really discussed how adults influence this stereotype on children.

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