Posted by: sallygrace1993 | September 12, 2012

“Modern Suffragettes?” – Politically Active Women Amidst the Elections

A friend shared this video with me earlier, admiring the women and referring to them as “modern suffragettes.”  I am not in any way implying this video represents my political views, and I don’t wish for anyone to take offense.  I am sharing because I thought the way they portray ALL women as being on their side was interesting.  They never state they are democrats, just women.  I would love to here a rebuttal from extremely republican women regarding this.  I wonder if they are attempting to come across as strong women taking action, or oppressed martyrs, perhaps both? 


  1. I’m not convinced they are trying to come across a particular way, as much as convey a strong message about a topic they are passionate about. is a liberal-minded organization, so the message fits their cause. It would be interesting to see what a similar 1-minute video would look like from women who support the Republican agenda regarding women’s rights in the same scope of issues.

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