Posted by: maryssarotte | September 12, 2012

Taking Down the “No Girls Allowed” Sign

Back in the beginning of the spring IBM had a huge transition in the works, a new CEO that happened to be a woman, Virginia Rometty. Incidentally though the focus of her accomplishment wasn’t on how hard the job was going to be, or her vision for IBM as a CEO; but instead it was on a perk for the position. IBM sponsors the Master’s tournament at Augusta National Golf Club, where the CEO was always invited to be a member. The problem is that Augusta has a membership policy of men only. The issue Augusta faced was which tradition they valued more to hold, being a male only golf club or having IBM’s CEO as a member. Thus Virginia’s name was known not for her leadership, hard work and enthusiasm as the new CEO; but because she was the face of a new controversy in which she did not choose to become.

Now to present day, Darla Moore and Condalezza Rice have both accepted invitations of membership to Augusta. Moore is a wealthy and successful woman in wallstreet and Rice was Secretary of State from 2005 to 2009. These women have pushed past barriers and navigated through the labyrinth in their fields- but do we say that now because they have become part of this male dominated tradition in Augusta?  Can we now quantify their success because of this new title, the first women to be a member of Augusta National Golf Club? Is this an achievement for women leaders or just an institution coming into the 21st century?

“Times” Article discussing the controversy over Virginia Rometty:

“Times” Articles about Moore and Rice’s acceptance into Augusta:

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