Posted by: kelseywilson9275 | September 12, 2012

The “Princess Scientist” Trend

The “Princess Scientist” Trend

I found this article interesting because I think that it brings up important issues about stereotypes of women and women in the workplace. It discusses the impact these stereotypes have on young children and how it affects their future career decisions. On one hand, it condemns women like Erika Ebbel Angle for proliferating the stereotype of feminine beauty, but at the same time it praises her for using these stereotypes to encourage young girls to work in math and science related professions. This brings up the question as to whether it is more beneficial or harmful to perpetuate these stereotypes to young girls. Will it in fact push girls toward pursuing typically masculine careers and leadership positions or will it just create more barriers? 


  1. It will be interesting to refer back to this article when we talk about the effects of attractiveness on perceptions of competence and leadership.

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