Posted by: whitneyyadams | September 12, 2012

Why We Don’t Want to Claim “Feminism”

This video is different from many of the other posts, but it goes to show how the term “feminism” is portrayed negatively.  I was literally in shock as I watched this video, and clearly, the title conveys sarcasm.  While it may be slightly exaggerated, I had no idea that feminism gave off this kind of connotation, and I still have my doubts as to how legitimate this video is.  As we talked about in class, the woman in this video constantly talks down on men, and several questions were answered with something along the lines of “because men are bad.”  What was most shocking to me, however, was that this woman claimed to be fighting for equal rights, but when asked how she was fighting for abortion rights, she said that she did this by watching the Supreme Court and hoping for change.  While this may be a bit extreme, I agree with the idea that many women claim that they are fighting for equal rights or want to have equal rights, but don’t do much to reach these goals.  There are exceptions to this claim as seen historically and modernly, but maybe the reason that there aren’t many women in leadership roles is because they don’t want to be there.  Perhaps they find other jobs more appealing, or perhaps they are afraid of being criticized.   I do believe there are women in the world who model the ideas of the woman in the video; therefore, I think that in order to shed a positive light on feminism, (some) women needs to be less extreme (ex: not blaming men), and show that they are trying to make a difference.  Humility is a quality not often found, and the women that have/will make a difference in the world are not the women represented in this video.  They are the women who are proactive and take pride in what they do without boasting about how “feminist” they are.

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