Posted by: coopiedoopie | September 13, 2012

And on the other side of the world…

I’ve noticed that politics has been a constant topic of discussion in class, specifically having a woman elected as president.  A few classes ago, someone mentioned that her family members had advised leaders in other countries, and I got to thinking about my own origins.  I have a lot of family in the Philippines, and when I was growing up and talking to them on the phone they had mentioned a woman president.  Well, today I looked more into it, and found that the woman I was thinking of (Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo) was not the first woman president in the country. The first was actually Corazon Aquino.  Long story short, Aquino was the leader who ended the Marcos rule in the Philippines and she brought true democracy to the country.  Once she became president, she fought to update the constitution, limiting the power of the executive branch and increasing the power of local government units.  She also completely reformed both the legislative and judicial branches. Not only did she truly believe that power comes from the consent of the governed, but she also understood a part of leadership that most people struggle with–knowing when to pass on the responsibility to someone else.  She is seen as a hero around the world, as well as a source of inspiration for many fighting against corrupt regimes.  Time magazine named her Woman of the Year in 1986 and has written a few articles about her, one of which is attached below. I just found it interesting that in America we seem to think that a woman becoming president is pretty close to impossible, whereas in the Philippines it has already happened twice.,9171,1914872-2,00.html



  1. It is astounding, indeed, considering that America is considered progressive compared to many other nations. Yet, this phenomenon also speaks to the significant role that culture plays in shaping social roles. Thanks for pointing out the history of women’s leadership in the Philippines.

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