Posted by: aevecnu | September 13, 2012

Madeleine Albright Interview: Women and Leadership

Madeleine Albright Interview: Women and Leadership

Madeleine Albright was the first female Secretary of State interviews with the Wall Street Journal. We’ve been talking a lot about political women leaders, so why not go back to the beginning? It’s an interesting 5 minute clip, but one part stuck out the most to me. Albright says near the end of the clip:

“I want to see women that have a sense about who they are and that we respect each others’ choices. I think that’s one of the issues. I think we often, women, are very critical of each other. I think we need to be helpful to each other, and to try not to have a Queen-Bee complex.”

I know we talked about “being our own worst enemy” as an impediment for the advancement of women in leadership positions. She doesn’t elaborate much, but the fact Albright even brought this up with all of her experience means it’s something that DOES happen and needs to be stopped. Pondering on that, I came up with a few ideas. In my mind, the idea that women hinder each other for selfish reasons (for their own sake of getting ahead or they just flat out don’t like the woman trying to be a leader) is archaic. I always thought that we, as women, have learned better by now and want to help each other succeed as Albright did with her “G7” group. Then I thought about a little thing called jealousy and the actions people in general take under its influence. Let’s say a woman was up for a promotion and has only been working there a year. Another woman who has been there for three years may be jealous that the other woman is getting the promotion and try everything she can to stop it, even if that woman deserved the promotion for the work she had completed in that one year. Jealousy blinds many from reason, so perhaps it is not as archaic as I originally thought?

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