Posted by: beccamariej | September 13, 2012

Women in the Sports Industry



above is just one of the tweets I’ve found in which Erin Andrews has endured criticism for the mere fact the she’s a woman. I’ve already talked about her and some of the undeserved criticism women sports reporters face a couple of times in class but here are some visuals. 

(note: I have more to add on this but I can’t find it at this time, I will be editing this later) 



  1. I just wanted to add to your post by also showing that women are objectified in the sports industry. I saw this and it grabbed my attention. This is only a clip of a women’s football match, but it gets the point across. Here we see women playing football in lingerie, yet they are hitting just as hard as men do in football. Why is it that the women are being placed on display in these “sexy” uniforms? This whole sport is for the pleasure of objectifying women. I just don’t understand why women are expected to wear almost nothing, including protective gear, when men are covered almost head to toe in pads and clothing. This video made me realize that in many sports, the uniforms of women are half of what men are wearing, or even less. Think about indoor volleyball and beach volleyball. Men wear shorts and shirts, while women wear bikinis and spandex shorts. In gymnastics, women are wearing leotards and men are wearing almost full body suits. Even in baseball and softball, men have loose fitted pants and jerseys, but women have tight tops and tight fitted pants. This whole thing just got me thinking about how looks seem to dominate over the abilities and skills of women.

    • I saw that article on Yahoo! about the incident and I completely agree with you that it’s not right when the only “watchable” female football league is one that requires the girls to wear lingerie. You’re exactly right. Thanks for adding this to my post…I still haven’t found the other tweets I was looking for.

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