Posted by: ryanhanks | September 14, 2012

Feminism? Why has it affected the modern world?


From what I have been reading from the articles, it seems as if there is an issue with women being characterized within society as negative because of the outcomes of certain issues which involved these women being a part of a particular scenario instead of looking at the great accomplishments they have brought within society. Some examples where women have been characterized as a negative image in society would be Gabby Douglas for the way for her unusual hairstyle during the summer 2012 Olympics, Jennifer Lawrence on her fluctuating weight issues while filming The Hunger Games, Kristen Stewart and her affair with Rupert Sanders, the director of Snow White and The Huntsman, and Miley Cyrus cutting off nearly all of her hair and making it blonde instead of understanding how she was donating her hair for charity. In many cases where women should be recognized for their accomplishments within the community, there seems to be an issue where the media likes to turn the tables a bit in order to please the wants and needs of the corporation/ company. Even the wives of King Henry VIII were looked upon society differently because of committing the crimes of adultery even though Henry VIII did everything in his power to sleep with his mistresses while married in order to bear a son (so the child would grow up and rule the throne). Even though he had a daughter by Catherine of Aragon, he would take drastic measures of having a courtship with other women who were socialites within the society while consumating his marriage with the next wife to be. These women, (Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cloves, Catherine Howard, and Catherine Parr) were subjected to being the sole property of the monarch, King Henry VIII where they followed the laws of England, but some committed the crime of adultery and were taken to the Tower of London where they were executed the next day. Women around the time period could stand up and fight for equal justice and liberty on their behalf because they had no say to whatever the husband, government, or any male superior had decreed within the walls of society. Today, there is a big change in the modern world where women are coming together and standing up against the dominant male society where they feel no more oppressed by the laws of man and fighting for equality and liberty for all of the women across the




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