Posted by: beccamariej | September 14, 2012

#NotBuyingIt: GQ’s “Woman of the Year” Cover

#NotBuyingIt: GQ’s “Woman of the Year” Cover.

I found this on the Miss Representation website and it implies that women are more valued for their looks… what do you all think?


  1. Not to mention, all the men are fully clothed and the woman is simply wearing jewelry….

  2. I think it speaks a lot to the fact that women are valued for their looks, especially in the entertainment industry. The men all have on nice tuxedos and the woman is naked but has designer jewelry on. The sale of the magazine depends on how provocative she can look. I think there may be more emphasis on how attractive the man is but mostly concentrating on his facial features. For women, it seems that either she is beautiful all over or not at all.

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