Posted by: beccamariej | September 15, 2012



  1. I was just talking about this today with a friend. It’s hard to look up to a real and healthy role model that are not shown or mentioned by the media. I think that the reason why it’s adolescents that get hit the most is because that is the time when they want to identify or resemble the most to the person they would like to become. This also goes for boys. However, women do they take the hardest comments then men because we have an appearance/standard to uphold in our own eyes and those of the public. It is sad but it is the truth…

  2. I remember hearing about this because in the novel, Suzanne Collins created Katniss Everdeen as a thin and skinny sixteen year old girl from District 13, but in the film, Jennifer Lawrence’s portrayal of the character was received harshly in a negative manner by film critics. But it goes to show how everyone in Hollywood does not follow the by-laws of the industry press. Jennifer Lawrence was taught to be a strong and beautiful young woman by the morals and values of her own mother, not paying attention to what anyone else says to her about how to re-construct her image in order to appease the wants of the male society. Women around the world are beginning to bring together their thoughts about feminism being oppressed by the ideal laws of men, but I believe that it will get better where women will be treated with moral respect and moral responsibility and are accepted for how they visualize themselves in the world through self- identification and values of leadership.

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