Posted by: jessapo2014 | September 16, 2012

Just to think about

Yesterday, I did a Habitat for Humanity project with my co-ed fraternity. I say co-ed but the only people who volunteered in our group were all girls. We arrived at the work site and our supervisor was an older gentleman who had been a contractor for many years. The work that needed to be done for the house was mostly yard work. As he was going over what needed to be done, he refered to us as “little ladies” and “young women” and that the only jobs he had for us were to cut back some of the forestation that was approaching the house. We also cut the grass and power washed the house but he only mentioned these as we had gotten started and saw what we were capable of. I commend him for changing his outlook on what young women could do. I just wanted to share this to see if anyone else had ever experienced something like this. I will also add that two men did show up as we were leaving to do actual “construction” work to the house. They were replacing siding which caught my eye as what our contractor only thought the boys could do.


  1. First of all way to go APO 🙂 (I’m in that co-ed fraternity too!).
    Second, I was in a very similar situation before. My brother-in-law is from Arkansas where women do hard labor had well as take care of the house. His mom, for instance, was a truck driver and so was his father. He was raised by his grandmother who did not want him and his sister to be taken care of by anyone else. She provided the father and mother role while the parents were gone all the time. I come from Africa, where women do hard labor as well. We carry buckets of water on our heads with a towel underneath it from the river to the village…Anyway, I was the first born of my father, who wanted a boy very badly. So growing up I was always with the guys outside doing everything and anything. I must say that I am pretty strong and that I can fix things around the house. When I came here for College my freshmen year, I would go to my sister’s house a lot. Anyway, one day my sister sent me outside to clean up the roof, mow the grass, and fix the bathroom sick afterwards. My brother-in-law got home later on that day and asked if she had hired one of the boys from the neighborhood to do all of this. My sister replied that I had been the one who accomplished everything on my own. He just couldn’t believe it. It wasn’t until I helped him move-in some furniture in the house and fix the TV that he realized I was capable of achieving a lot more then just cooking and cleaning up the house. And now his calls me his right hand helper!

  2. This construction-related post reminds me of the pink power tool set I have seen advertised.

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