Posted by: corim2010 | September 17, 2012

Theatrical Roles for Women

Although I completely agree that there is not full equality within theater, I can also see the other side of this debate. There are a lot of really good plays out there that deserve to be seen and performed that are a male-focused story. It’s very hard for a theater company to pick a noteworthy season and keep an equal number of availabe roles for men and women. However, I do also believe that when choosing seasons, an effort should be made to ensure that there is some equality throughout the season. This is similar to what we have been discussing in class about men typically being hired over women; however, since theater is a different type of industry, it’s a bit harder to demand rights for “equally qualified” women. It is a fine line, and it will be interesting to see how the U.K. and even the unmentioned U.S. deals with this issue.

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