Posted by: ryanhanks | September 17, 2012

Tyra Banks: A Woman Leader!!!

I remember reading in the media a couple of years ago about an article on Tyra Banks were she was photographed by the paparazzi during one of her photo shoots in a bikini, but to their suprise, they were stunned to see how she did not look like herself while doing the photo shoot compared to the other photo shoots in the past were she looked slimmed and skinny (the ideal image of how a model should look in the eyes of America). When she told the media about learning certain pose positions in order to pull off the self- ideal image of the American model, but she was defending herself and other women who were being criticized on how they are viewed within society because of their appearance in weight, body, height, sexual orientation, etc. Tyra Banks has struggled throughout life from growing up in an environment where she had to fight her way to the top in order to earn the reputation of being known worldwide for her accomplishments and recognition by many citizens of the community, but in her eyes, all women are beautiful no matter their color of skin, sexual orientation, race/ ethnicity, and social class because she is a woman who fights for the cause of women being not empowered to accomplish their dreams in the future because of being persecuted by the superiority of men in the modern world. Today, Tyra Banks continues her journey of helping those women who are struggling to find thier self- identity within society by creating programs which help all women to understand how strong and independent they can be without feeling discouraged of running a leadership position in order to change the bi- standards of men being the supreme rulers in the worlddon while women do not have the opportunity to lend their voice when it comes to planning and strategizing methods of effectiveness and progressive action.

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