Posted by: ryanpatecell | September 20, 2012

What We Wear

The article I found a few weeks ago is super sweet. It’s about a little boy that likes to wear dresses and gets bullied for it regularly. The dad, wanting to raise his children equally, decided to dress in a skirt to prove his point. The quote below explains some of the article.

“Hand in hand, the Pickerts paraded their custom together around their small village, and soon the shame died away. His son became emboldened again, even giddy at the reactions his father got from slack-jawed strangers. Being different, he found, wasn’t so scary after all, especially when Dad’s got your back.”
I think that the leadership the father displayed to make his point that gender is up to each individual person is astounding. We’ve discussed in class that society has set unwritten rules about how a girl is supposed to dress and act a different way than a boy. When people defy these stereotypes I think it makes society more aware that people are breaking the rules and doing the unexpected. I think it’s really cool that parents are supporting their children in this process and encouraging them.

Jimmy Kimmel had viewers submit videos of parents giving their children really ugly back to school outfits (they didn’t actually have to wear them), but the reactions were really interesting and funny. A lot of the boys were given purple sparkly tops and they were extremely upset that it was suggested that they wear girls’ clothes. While I can understand their point of view, I thought it was interesting how society does create this image and most of us adopt it without a second thought.


  1. This made me think of an episode of wife swap that I watched. There was a family that was raising two boys and the family was very laid back and open minded. One of the boys, name Elijah, was nine years old and he really enjoyed the color pink and was very androgynous. The problem was that the wife that was swapped into their home was against the idea of boys being more feminine and wearing the color pink. She forced the boy to neglect his beliefs and what he enjoyed because she felt that he would become gay if he wasn’t raised in a more manly environment. The young boy was very upset by this and felt that is was unfair to judge him by what he liked. Thankfully, his father and mother supported him completely. His mother even tried to help the boys of the other family to be more open minded. I thought that this was very inspiring and it was somewhat hard to watch. I think that it is sad to see that our society acts like this sometimes. These unwritten rules of what to wear are shaping how we judge individuals. I agree with you that it is nice to see parents support their children in being different and defying the norms.

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