Posted by: thomashaymescnu | September 21, 2012

At this time, I…

At this time, I’d like to recall a comment I made in class regarding women in the media – the media is capable of portraying women in a positive light, it just needs to commit. Now I’m wondering if it can.

As discussed over the last few days in class, Women have constantly been objectified in the media. They are scantily clad, guy obsessed, and only there for sex appeal. The media of modern day America is based on the idea that men 18-34 are the prime customer that needs to be appealed to. The men need to be powerful and the women need to be sexy. That’s the idea that has driven Spike, USA, and various other networks for years. The idea portraying a woman beyond anything other than sexy and emotional can be a bit too much for these people. They comment on a female politician’s looks rather than her policies and make family questions or PMS jokes. Any program that shows a women leader always throws in the typical romantic/emotional subplot (Like 30 Rock). Even when women are portrayed as action heroes like Buffy, there remains that sex appeal and romance. I don’t doubt media can portray women respectfully, but I don’t think they’re ready yet. At this point, they’re still immature, needing to practice the same methods that have sustained them for so long, unwilling to take a risk on anything new.


  1. Perhaps it will take the consumers to rise up and demand a change. Who will that be? When is enough, enough? As long as shows are getting ratings, producers will continue to use the means. Why do we watch and roll our eyes and complain, instead of turning it OFF and taking a stand?

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