Posted by: kelseywilson9275 | September 22, 2012

Women’s Bodies are a Battleground

Women’s Bodies are a Battleground

For a very long time, both men and women have been fighting over women’s bodies. What they should be allowed to show and do with it. I found this article very interesting and incredibly relevant to this problem. This article brings up a good point that porn is readily available and not questioned, but when I woman chooses to show her body she is scrutinized. What kind of message are we sending to girls when porn is okay, but making choices about your own body is not?

The author states that women are fighting for ownership of their own bodies in a world that is hypersexualized. Nudity is everywhere, yet when a mother wants to breastfeed, it is shocking and unacceptable. There are no laws or legislative battles over men’s bodies, so why do we have to fight over women’s bodies? Why do we still see women’s ownership over their bodies as scandalous? I think the quote from the end of the article is very important to these issues: “For until we have a language and a platform for talking honestly about women’s bodies and sexual drives, we’re doomed into a cycle of objectification and silence.”

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