Posted by: maryssarotte | September 24, 2012

Happiness and Slander

Back to the first reading we had to complete in the Wilson book I made a note of all the countries that had at least a third of women in their Parliament. Of those countries, four were ranked in the top ten happiest countries in the world. The list is: Denmark, Sweden, Finland and the Netherlands. It’s not to say the sole reason why these countries rank highly is because there are more women in their government; but the fact that the connection between these countries is having a strong female presence in their leadership and the high placement of citizens’ happiness is something to remark on.  Now coming off of watching the “Missrepresentation” film it seems to me that one of the reason’s the U.S was not ranked in the top ten was because the government isn’t listening hard enough. The ruling percent of our elected leadership cannot or will not make substantial change not just in policy and laws but in the outlook of women in general. The reactions of us as a class to the derogatory remarks made by news casters, politicians and recognizable men towards leading women was full of horror and disgust. Yet we don’t see any repercussions or punishments for their words. This doesn’t make me feel happy, or trusting or satisfied with the people in power if they can say such sexist or hurtful words towards someone their equal. Maybe instead of focusing on bigger issues of healthcare, education and taxes the people, especially the leaders, in this country should look at themselves and see what image they are projecting with their words and actions. The attitude of a company, a business, a community or a person can impact a whole society, and as American’s we have proved that. So now maybe instead of making quotas for women, and creating anti-discrimination laws, we should look around us and see if our simple actions or phrases are the reasons there is bitterness and unhappy people within the country. Even if we all are given the same rights, including the pursuit of happiness, doesn’t mean we don’t all feel equal.

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