Posted by: sallygrace1993 | September 27, 2012

Vote for Jill

Vote for Jill

A few days ago, as I got out of the car to embark upon one of my favorite tasks (grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s) a woman in a frilly leopard print dress with a leopard print purse approached me.  “Hi.  I’m Jill Reed, and I’m running for President.”  She said.  I’d barely muttered a polite “Oh” when she launched into her views and ambitions.  I’m honestly not sure what she was talking about – I was still trying to fully take in her outfit and the red hair that would give The Little Mermaid a run for her money.  I honestly couldn’t figure out if this woman was serious or crazy.  After a good minute or so, she stopped, breathed, and handed me a business card.  As she strode away I noticed a large “Vote for Jill!” button pinned to her dress.

The card says: “Jill Reed – America’s Next President.”  Under this it says in small print: “Do you believe you should prosper and live happily? Write-In Jill Reed and Tom Cary Independent Candidates.”  On the back it lists three articles, all of which are amusing.  Her website is also listed –  I of course checked it out, which led me to her Facebook page.  Basically – this baffling encounter has pleased me immensely.  I have left her business card in my wallet because seeing it makes me laugh.

 As I share this random story with friends, though, there is an ever-present tug in me.  A part of me does not like laughing at Jill.  It is easy to say she is contributing to American’s not taking female politicians seriously…but perhaps it’s me who should take the blame.  I immediately judged her according to her appearance, and have been finding her intense, high energy, bubbly self and aspirations a topic of bemusement ever sense.  On Jill’s Facebook, under the “About Me” section, the first thing it says is: “I am running for President of The United States in 2012.  Life is a blast!”  Now I can’t help but have some respect for this woman who is following her ambitions.  Even if she does not become President of the United States, by simply desiring and pursing this path, Jill has gone further then most of us. 


  1. I can definitely see how that is a challenging situation to form an opinion about. So much of me agrees that there should be a higher representation of women in organizational hierarchies across the board, but then there’s the other side of it. There’s an “Elect Women 2012” campaign going on, and while I would love to see more women elected to our legislature, at the end of the day I want the better candidate. The person who aligns with our views on public policy should be the person we vote for, not because of their gender. Though she has some supporters, many people would agree that Sarah Palin is inferior when it comes to intellect- imagine if she had been on the winning ticket in 2008 solely because of her gender. Personally, I think the poor and misrepresentation of women begins at the bottom levels of organizations. When society, in a grassroots form, takes on a mentality of equality and not relativism we will see more and better representation of women in many respects. In my opinion, when women are the majority of the population and men and women are evaluated equally, proportionate representation will be inevitable.

  2. This encounter takes us back to “The Bitch and The Ditz” article. Though Jill may be competent (though, we don’t know as much about her being qualified for the presidency), her ditz-factor raises questions about her competence. According to the literature on the “double-bind” that women leaders face, they must be agentic/assertive (i.e., masculine) enough to be considered competent and yet feminine enough to be considered likeable. This situation adds one more caveat – likeable, but not too ditzy (or in this case, silly?).

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