Posted by: ryanhanks | September 27, 2012

Women in the modern World today?

Yesterday, I had a long conversation with my friend and she was telling me that she was traveling to YRE (York River East) to begin her radio show. Unfortunately, she described some of the experiences she had when she first started in the wor environment. The radio show was considerably male dominate, but she assumed that the men would be open- minded and reasonable with a young woman running her own radio show. Unfortunatley, she described how the men made her feel uncomfortable within the environment due to making unnecessary remarks about how the men feel comfortable working together since they all had bonded over a period of time instead of using the opprtunity to woring with a co- employee who was a woman. The idea of gender- based roles seems to have overthrown the concept of recognizing men and women being treated with equal opportunity and equal justice due to men still believing within themselves that they hold more power than women due by being more assertive and liberal when making judgmental decisions. An example of this where not only women are being less empowered of accomplishing a task objective, but men as well would be looking at the Kardashian family. Here we see Kim and her two sisters, Kourtney and Khloe, criticizing one another of wanting to do something on their own without feeling like they are required to work with one another because they will be more successful in Hollywood by working together as a family. But their brother, Rob, feels slightly disintegrated from the family because of trying to promote awareness of his new sock line, but nevers feels comfortable when stuck in the shadows of his fellow sisters. The sisters and the mother argue how Rob will never understand what life was like for them when they were young and how they struggled in order to establish themselves within society, but you will never see the family trying to raise Rob’s self- esteem up in a positive manner where they will support him every step of the way. We, as a society, need to put an end in degrading others for their accomplishments and goal settings because we want to do those things as well, but we are sometimes not highly motivated in putting ourselves out there and challenge our fears without the urge of stating we would follow someone who will lead. When will the time come where people will have a clear understanding of how much we strive for excellence, but no one wants to take the initiative, but when someone does, then everyone wants to downgrade the individual or a group of individuals who are resolve these issues and and change the perspective of how people view things from a certain standpoint.

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