Posted by: thomashaymescnu | September 28, 2012

“Female-Friendly” Leadership

In my preparations for my first interview, I have noticed a peculiar trend. Or rather, a lack of one.

As we have discussed in class, the lucky few women fortunate enough to make strong, noticeable advancement in business or politics are never taken seriously. Female politicians’ policies are ignored in the news in favor of their fashion sense or family lives. I believe that this is all based on the mindset of the 1950’s, as outlined in the Femme Mystique. Men still don’t see women as being capable leaders. They still think of them as the homemakers, teachers, and librarians. Whenever a woman becomes a CEO or successful politician, men often think of it as a fluke, the woman is a hardened ‘ball-buster’, or simply doubt it will last. Women in men’s leadership positions are rarely if ever taken seriously. However, when is one of the more ‘femme-friendly’ positions of a teacher or librarian, they’re more respected and taken seriously. Sure, they remain as belittled by men as they ever were, but they are not looked upon as models in a men’s world. They are taken seriously by their subordinates and peers, because they are where people believe they belong.


  1. You make an interesting point in that last sentence. To further it, “where they belong” may often correspond to positions/roles that encourage, allow, or require them to convey typical feminine qualities, thereby further embedding the “correctness” of the match between person, gender performance, and position.

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