Posted by: shelly9109 | September 30, 2012

A Situation I Encountered.

The day that I told my Finance professor that I was getting married in the middle of the semester, he asked me why I was continuing my education.  His exact question was “Why didn’t you just drop out?” and quickly restated his question to “Well why didn’t you take off the semester?” when I gave him a questioning stare.  I could not believe he even asked me that question but I began to think about the discussions we have had in class.  I strongly believe that due to his religious and culturally different upbringing was the reasoning behind his questions.  I began to way the options of whether or not he would have asked a male student that same questions or was it just that it was odd of a student, male or female, was doing an unusual thing that required a semester off.  I felt that it was a gender thing though as it felt like because I was getting married, it implied that I should be in the kitchen rather than getting a degree and supporting myself.  Just doing some thinking……….


  1. A timely experience given our recent readings and focus. See, the 1950s are not that far out of sight 🙂

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