Posted by: drshollen | October 3, 2012

Gendering Chocolate

Pens for women, now chocolate for women? I am with the author….never, never tell women how to eat their chocolate. This is relevant to leadership because leading is stressful at times, and stress requires coping mechanisms, and chocolate is the quintessential coping mechanism.


  1. I am NOT a chocolate fan at all, however I find this absolutely ridiculous and offensive. Women do not need their own chocolate nor do they need to be told how to eat it. And excuse me, spending around $11 million to introduce the product is also unnecessary. I will not be purchasing this product if it ever makes it over to the United States, but hopefully it won’t. Gendering products is never the answer to successful marketing. One can only hope that women in society won’t contribute to yet again another “gender” product.

    This quote really grabbed my attention: “Products aimed at women always seem to treat women more like children than thinking adults,” says Ochman.

    I agree completely. Women are being singled out in society in a similar way to children…that should not be the case. Women, like men, are adults too and don’t need their “own” special products. It’s almost as if women are being “babied” in society. Singling out women with customized products is only furthering the process of breaking the norms and reducing the gender biases in society.

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