Posted by: ryanpatecell | October 3, 2012


A few of my friends posted this video on facebook. I had never heard it before, but it made me think of our class because the lyrics are about gay people. Gay people fight for a voice, fight for representation, fight for equal rights, and fight have equal opportunities. This is the same fight that women have fought, and are still fighting today. Instead of tearing each other down and preventing other women from acheiving their dreams, we should be building them up and encouraging them. It’s stupid that women are so jealous and insecure that we can’t appreciate the success of other women. Instead, we challenge the thoughts and actions to the point where it’s hard to acheive our goals. This video really made me reflect on how women aren’t the only ones with struggles in the workforce and within leadership positions- this problem spans across the board.


  1. When we consider social identities, some are visible (e.g., gender, race, age), and some are not (e.g., sexual orientation, religion, some disabilities). Research shows that gender is the first most noticed social identity and race the second. The striking visibility of these identities allows us to focus on them – for helpful and hindering means – and to discuss them. The invisibility of other identities leaves them somewhat overlooked and more open to assumptions (e.g., heteronormativity when we talk about gender roles and work-life balance issues), less understood, and in some sense taboo to discuss….in our case, regarding leadership as well.

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