Posted by: ryanhanks | October 4, 2012

The So Called “Mommy” Gene

When watching the video of genetic scientists validating the possibility of the so-called “Mommy” gene on Good Morning America, I thought it was very interesting to see how women are beginning to think how there is a gene within the human body which signals whether or not a woman will be a good mother or a bad mother. But in reality, is there any evidence which supports the idea of gene impacting a woman’s decision of representing a good role model of a parent figure. I believe that women can be good mothers depending on the styles of leadership they exhibited from their mothers and their mothers’ mothers and so on and so forth. Because raising a child can be challenging, but very exciting at the same time, I believe it all sits on how the woman responds to a particular issue whether they use principles from parenting courses which teaches all women the necessities of being the best mother a child could ever ask for or following the guidelines which was passed down from generation to generation. Now that the mommy gene is taking an effect on young girls who range between the ages of 3 to 5 years old, many mothers are beginning to wonder if there is any chance of developing the type of gene which allows them to discover if they are truly prepared for motherhood or if they are even qualified of taking care of children if they did not have the gene. What is the story behind the controversy and how does it affect the way we look at ourselves within society. There is no guarantee to say whether or not there is the so called “mommy gene”, but in reality, it all depends on how the parents were influenced with certain principles of knowing properly how to take care of a child.

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