Posted by: cj2kewl4u | October 5, 2012

Canadian Parents Raise Gender-Neutral Baby by Not Revealing Its Sex

Canadian Parents Raise Gender-Neutral Baby by Not Revealing Its Sex

“…their parents believe that they’re giving their children the opportunity to be creative and free from social norms that dictate male and female behavior.”

Well, that’s one way to do it! This story amazes me; I’m taken back by the bravery of this family. In class we talk about dismissing gender norms on a psychological level, but this is an example is quite literal. I’m trying to find follow-up articles, it would be interesting to see how this method has influenced this family’s immediate societies and their children one year later. What are your thoughts? Too extreme? Interesting? Moreover, what techniques would you use to raise your children?


  1. I really like the idea of this and I believe more people should do it. It’s funny to think about how people polarize genders when a new baby comes into the world. When individuals have baby showers, the guests usually like to know the sex of the child so they can find the “right” stuff for them. We need to stop dividing the genders. People need to go out to the mall and buy something that could fit a boy or a girl, not go straight to the boy or girl section.

  2. As much as I fight for gender equality, I feel that this could go wrong in a lot of ways.The parent’s intentions are pure, i understand, but eventually, their child’s gender is going to have to come out, especially when he/she starts dating. Furthermore, while societal norms are not perfect (As we constantly establish in this course) they are here for a reason. The ambiguity of Storm’s gender is going to clash with these norms and it could be worse on him/her than if his/her gender was known – he/she could be bullied a lot for this, for example.

  3. Wow! Very interesting article, I was not raised gender-neutral, but I was born gender-neutral. I know that is also a personal decision from the parents too. Personally, I think a “surprise” baby is a great idea and will steer away from having all pink/girly stuff and all blue/boy stuff. I would much rather have a lot of gender-neutral clothes and toys because babies are little and don’t even know what gender they are when they are born. However, they are heavily influenced by societal norms/gender biases from day one with the pink pacifiers and blankets or blue blankets and boyish toys. I think this example of “breaking the rules of gendering in society”…it isn’t necessarily accepted, but it isn’t wrong either.

    I also have some concerns similar to the post above^^ bullying most likely will be in this child’s future, it’s sad, but true since most kids are not raised like this. It also may be difficult/confusing for the child as he/she grows older and begins dating and forming relationships with members of the opposite and same sexes. I wonder where the line is drawn…clearly the child is biologically a male or female, but I suppose they are leaving it up to the child which gender he/she would like to closely associate with. I just hope this child will not have to cope with depression since we live in a harsh gender-bias society and it may be difficult to discover oneself given the pressure and influence from the outside world.

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