Posted by: ryanhanks | October 11, 2012

Gender Stereotype Issues

When discussing in class today about how gender stereotypes plays a key role in comparing and contrasting the norms of men and women and how this will determine whether or not women are capable of representing themselves as productive and effective leaders who prioritize in authorizing principles which are relative to male authenticity. The whole concept of the “Great Man Theory” has brainwashed individuals to over think the perspective of women developing masculine traits in order to run a company or corporation. The same rule would apply for if some men developed feminine traits clarifying the false misidentification of women being the only population where there is no leadership or no application of motivating other citizens because there are instances where men do not exhibit confidence within themselves in accomplishing a challenging, but self managed task or objective. The point in which the concept of gender stereotypes of diminishing in the near future will not likely occur because there will be times when women and men collaborate with one another where both populations will clash and state their own self opinions about who is best suitable in task handling something without looking at the strengths and weaknesses each population has where men and women can come together and figure out probable solutions which can change the outlook society has emphasized on its citizens. It is entirely based on time when someone looks at it from perspective where it can be traced back to biblical accounts beginning with the story of Adam & Eve and being passed down from generations to generations to come in the near future where the idea of women being second handed under men has corrupted the minds of citizens across the United States and in other foreign nations across the world.

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