Posted by: niedermaier22 | October 12, 2012

Gender and Communication

After reading the article about gender and communication assigned for Tuesday, I got to thinking about how the pubic responded to the moderator, Martha Raddatz, of the Vice Presidential debate. Her communication towards Joe Biden and Paul Ryan was assertive when it came to questions and control over the debate. The article says, “In a study simulating an organizational setting, participants, regardless of gender, talked more and spoke less tentatively when they were assigned to a leadership position than to a subordinate position” (p. 301). Raddatz had the power and control over this debate, so that could be a reason to why she was more assertive. I found an article talking about the public’s response to her. She was highly praised as well as criticized. I think that will pretty much come with anything. She was criticized for being too quick to interrupt Paul Ryan, and also called “the worst moderator ever.” When you read the article for class, it will talk about interruptions and who is more likely to interrupt. I think Raddatz has her own way of doing things, and she may not fall into the gender and communication stereotypes.


  1. What I’m seeing here is a lot of what were seeing over the last few weeks: the media running into huge social awkwardnesses that arise when the need for progress clashes with the social norms, combined with some of the stereotypes that happened with Hilary Clinton in the last presidential election. There have been so few female moderators in the past that the candidates felt the need for delicacy in order to avoid supposedly offending the female voters. Furthermore, several republicans spoke very negatively on Radditz, based on the fact that she was harsher on their candidate, which i feel is reminiscent of how people were turned off by Clinton and her ‘Ball-Busting attitude”.

  2. I’m curious for a comparison between Radditz and Candy Crowley from last evening’s presidential debate. Crowley had a challenging job to do, particularly with how the sparks were flying between the two candidates. Thoughts, anyone?

  3. I think that Candy Crowley was assertive with her remarks and control as a moderator, but also listened. I found an interview of Candy Crowley. She was asked about the power she held with time keeping. Her response to this viewer question was that she did not feel powerful when it came to time keeping. She said she needed to listen to the candidates because they were engaged in the topics. This brings in the power factor. I am interested in learning more about women and power in weeks to come. I think she has a good reason for why she wanted to listen. Do you think her wanting to listen and not seeing herself have power is because she is a woman?

  4. Here is the video!

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