Posted by: thomashaymescnu | October 14, 2012

I cannot help b…

I cannot help but think this, now that I have finished my first leadership interview. I had concluded that despite coming very close to fulfilling the common stereotypes of the librarian in America, Dr. Sellen was respected not for how she filled out a stereotype, but how she leads. Still, this got me thinking: if there are stereotypes for the women in feminine female roles, then what about the women in other leadership positions?

We all already know of the stereotypes for these women, which I like to think of in these four categories: the ball buster- the hardened taskmaster whose voice is constantly raised; the ditz- women leaders with an excess of sex appeal and very little actual skill at their job; the mother hen whose description speaks for itself, and the great women – who fits all the stereotypes needed for successful leadership. If Dr. Sellen can escape her stereotypes, could she easily fall into one of these? What about the other women? How can they escape this trap? Can they find a good balance between the categories?

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