Posted by: apritch1221 | October 15, 2012

Celebs responses to body bashing


I found this awesome that it was all about criticism of body image, but THEN turned it aroud and gave the celebrities the chance to fight back.  My favorite quote would probably have to be Kim Kardashian’s mentioning that it’s probably better that her untouched photo was released because it shows her imperfections and can reach more people.

The criticism, however, strengthened my opinion (and Katies) from class that women will alawys be under crazy scrutiny thanks to the media.  These people need more things in life to care about if you ask me…


  1. I find it refreshing that so many celebs are fighting back against comments about their weight, but at the same time, it’s unsettling to see how much criticism there is. This article covers only a small portion of weight criticisms though. I don’t understand why celeb’s (or anyone’s) weight has become such a focus point and why people feel the need to talk about it. If people are happy and healthy with their weight, why should it matter to anyone else? Also, why don’t we see the same backlash for men’s weight? Why does society have terms for what the “perfect” woman should look like, but not have the same standards for men?

  2. I completely agree, if a guy isn’t perfect looking, then at least he is praised for being an amazing actor or comedian or SOMETHING. I’ve never heard or read a single negative thing about a male’s body, they only get praised for being extremely buff or things of that nature. The media is shallow.

  3. While I do agree with you all somewhat, I can’t help but send you to the first selection when googling “men in media body image.”

    Obviously we’re thinking of celebrities like Jason Segal or Seth Rogan when we’re talking about men in the media and their body type. But the same problem exists for men too! And if you’re going to make that argument then you must look at the equal one from the other side. Think of Adele! She is a woman whose weight, while it may be mentioned, is not the focus of the media’s attention surrounding her. She has even been quoted as saying, “I’ve never had a problem with the way I look. I’d rather have lunch with my friends than go to a gym.” Just like there are paper thin female models who make women feel like crap, the same exists on the male side of the world. We need to broaden our focus and stop patronizing women. The real problem is the media’s portrayal of humans in general, not just women.

  4. Just to support Coop’s claim further, I found this:

    An article about how men are also portrayed poorly in the media, but people spend so much time looking at the objectification of women in the media, do we consider the portrayal of men in the media enough, or are we too focused on women to notice?

    I took this from the article mentioned above, “But over the past two decades, the gender gap in media objectification has closed. Every bit as unattainable as Barbie-doll proportions and the heroin chic look are the broad-shouldered, narrow-waisted, fat-free, and muscle-sheathed male physiques littering today’s media.”

    Just because women are recognized more obviously by the media for their weight, or what they look like without makeup on, or what have you, it does not mean that they are the only group of people being attacked by the media. Men are also held to an unrealistic standard of beauty, and we should be more focused on people as a whole being unfairly scrutinized by the media. I think something to recognize is that while the media does scrutinize women, it is not JUST women that are put under this unrealistic microscope. In order to change the way we look at the media, we need to expand our vision to include all people abused by the media. If we do this, we are able to approach the media in another way, and can include more information, as well as being well informed.

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