Posted by: stephanied23 | October 15, 2012

Women in the workplace


This article popped up onto the yahoo homepage and it grabbed my attention. I thought that it was very interesting because it related to our last class discussion on how women lead and if they have the right stuff. The article discusses topics like emotion and sharing credit and it makes sure to discuss the positive aspects of women in the workplace.


  1. I enjoyed reading this article and it made me think of two things related to our course. The first was my 1st interview (a woman leading in a traditionally feminine role). The big takeaway from that interview was that men and women are not the same and it is okay for that to be the case. I love that this article celebrates women’s differences! It reminds me that equality does not equate to or mean sameness, contrary to common interpretation. The second thing that came to mind was the study on the differences between men and women’s leadership and effectiveness. Keeping in mind that the study concluded that there were minor differences in leadership and virtually no difference in effectiveness, it makes me happy to see the ways women’s leadership (or natural tendencies) benefit workplaces. Different environments have different leadership needs and skills, so to dismiss a female leader altogether is a disservice to the workplace. Not to imply that women aren’t good leaders or dismissing a female leader solely on the grounds of her gender is ever acceptable; but there are few times when women’s qualities are viewed through this positive lens. It’s nice to talk about our differences in light of the ways they are beneficial. My comments are largely generalizing and presumptuous, but necessary for the sake of comparison.

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