Posted by: ryanhanks | October 18, 2012

Gender Stereotypes

What are the chances of women and men getting over the concept of gender stereotypes throughout the workforce? There are some instances where women feel like they have to receive attention from anyone they come across and men should always look women in the eye in order for the women to know their place in the world. I feel like there is some biased perspective to the concept because of how women are now starting to rebel and fight for justice and opportunity for other women who are struggling while the men are feeling slightly incapable of taking care of the issue, but completely ignore it and continue to not pay the issue no mind. Women are realizing the importance of knowing how to run something with assertiveness and awareness just like men and are beginning to understand the true nature behind why they were classified as outcasts by other members within the community. What is the secret behind the problem and how can it be stopped immediately before it is too late? No one knows for certain, but the focus should be primarily on the individual and how he/she presents themselves in the community, not based on gender.

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