Posted by: thomashaymescnu | October 21, 2012

Recalling the major topic of discussion for our last class, I uncovered this article on the internet regarding an inappropriate joke made by Arizona senate candidate Richard Carmona towards debate moderator Candy Crowley. He claimed that his male moderator was much more attractive. I feel that while nothing severe was meant by this comment, the joke remains in poor taste and is an example of the latent misogynistic mindset that exist in most men today. But more important than that is the idea that feminism can be abused. The article mentions how the Republican party has used this incident against Carmona, creating an ad in which a female colleague remembers another unflattering moment with the candidate. I am unsure of how much the people behind the ad actually care for  feminism, but the fact that they were using it in a biased campaign form is upsetting. This is why feminists need to be cautious in when and where they apply it.

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