Posted by: ryanhanks | October 22, 2012

Gender Stereotypes

This is a video I found on YouTube involving gender stereotypes of women through many commercials and advertisements of women portraying thousand of matriarch roles through the many stereotypes of gender oriented roles. There are commercials where children are psychologically  picking up on objects which appeal to the public as examples of “gender stereotypes”.


  1. This is interesting! I never realized how television commercials constantly reinforce the stereotype of women must be happy homemakers. It is also surprising that these commercials target young girls. I will never view cleaning commercials the same.

  2. When I consider feminism, the media’s limiting depiction of women is probably the arena I notice most and am most passionate about. Going along with our reading for tomorrow: “Why Millennial Women Don’t Want to Lead,” I think the media contributes to our subconscious, which has implications for the actions we take and the things we gravitate toward. I recognize that individuals have individual interests, but I wonder to what degree the media affects our behavior and thought-process. Have we been subconsciously programmed to accept the gender roles that are present in our society? Even to the point where we aren’t aware that they are gender roles at all? For me, I think the answer is yes. I naturally assume that the mother will be the one cooking dinner, and the father will fix the car. The male will teach the kids about sports and the female will wash the uniforms. I’m always so intrigued by the thought-process (or lack thereof) behind the tasks we assume.

  3. The video itself is interesting, however, the comments were what I found the most interesting…several comments were calling women (the commenters being women themselves) hypocrites because men are stereotyped as well as “slobs.” I don’t think that makes women hypocritical, it just makes both points true. Women AND men are stereotyped in the media, it’s a fact of our culture, but that doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t stand up to it and point it out. If you are aware of such stereotypical representations then you should be able to see around those depictions. If you choose to ignore them or call the ones who point them out “hypocritical” you’re probably just doing a disservice to everyone. Ignoring them isn’t going to change anything.

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