Posted by: africancleo | October 26, 2012

Bonner Congress 2012

I went to a conference during this fall break in Pennsylvania and I must admit that even though I did not get to rest like I had planned, I definitely learned a lot. One of the workshops that I attended was called “breaking the barriers”. She created her own non-profit organization in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania for kids of impoverished neighborhoods. Essentially she has 2 school buses that stop to pick up the kids after school and take them to the facility she built for them where they can enjoy having fun and doing homework in a safe environment. She explained how difficult it was for her to have a voice and to advocate for these kids because she was woman. A lot of powerful men did not take her seriously and made her doubt herself many times. However, as she saw the true need for this organization she did not back down from her ambitions and persevered. Corella Bonner heard about what she was trying to do and help fund her big idea and turn it into a reality. During her workshop she emphasized on how important it is to network and keep advocating for your cause because you never know who might hear it through the channels you would have created. And she also told us to believe in ourselves and to believe that women will help one another achieve their dreams (if not now then somewhere down the road) because at the end of the day we are women and we will hit rock bottom at one point in our life. =))

PS: as soon as I remember the name I will post it!

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