Posted by: starrcnu | November 1, 2012

Women’s Power

Women’s Power

I found this really interesting article online that discussed the history of women’s power. it goes into great detail about female leaders throughout history, and their contributions to women’s empowerment. Its also talks about how women in power are heavily scrutinized. One point that really hit home for me was the idea that we should not put all of our focus on famous women in power, but also pay attention to the average, everyday women with power.


  1. I love this idea of low-profile leaders! Definitely one of my favorite aspects of leadership. The concept of “grassroots” or change from the ground up is something that makes so much sense to me, and I think it can be more influential and affect change to a greater degree than formal or high-profile power. It’s our everyday encounters and conversations that perpetuate or challenge the status quo, and changing those are the true challenges.

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