Posted by: thomashaymescnu | November 3, 2012

I cannot help but think that Romney’s problem comes from that fact that, while he claims that he is working for women in the workplace, he is not making a real, honest effort. He is stuck in the 1950′s mindset that I have repeatedly mentioned throughout the semester. It is not surprising considering his age, that Romney may not care if women advance in the workplace, or he even might not care FOR women in the workplace – he is just doing this to get a sizable amount of votes in the election next week. The big evidence against this is that Romney has a female chief of staff and lets her off work early to have dinner with her family. But then again, is this actual kindness or, again, the 50′s mindset?


  1. I think Mr. Romney is trying to focus more towards of establishing a sense of being a politician who believes in the proposals he believes in, but he is doing it entirely wrong where it has played a significant role in women not agreeing with any of his ideas and has taken a journey where Mitt Romney seems to be experiencing difficulties with how to create a workplace where women can be recognized for their accomplishments or contributions to the work environment and not treat women in a manner where it is considered a dramatic performance in order to receive the popular vote by citizens of the United States. There are times where Mitt Romney speaks out on the issues of women aborting unborn children, planned parenthood, etc., where people wonder if Romney cares about the women within our community or is this all a test to prove how manipulation can have an effect on those individuals who do not pay close attention to what is being stated.

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