Posted by: cj2kewl4u | November 3, 2012

What would you do for a klondike bar?

Because listening to your wife is such a difficult, painful, and noteworthy thing to do, it deserves a reward. We talk some about being subconsciously programmed with gender norms and roles, but isn’t this an example of being blatantly disrespectful to women?

I can imagine that when I was younger I wouldn’t think twice about this commercial- this sort of stereotype and attitude was present in my household, albeit jokingly. But really, how much are we really joking? And in what way are these jokes funny?


  1. I think after taking this class, it has made me think a lot more about gender norms and stereotypes when it comes to television and movies. I am in the same boat with you that in the past, I would have never thought twice about this commercial. This commercial makes the male look really bad, but most people would not see that because it does come across as a joke. I was doing the readings for Tuesday, and it talks about how women superintendents may need other men to get their messages and ideas across to men. This commercial pushes us back because it is showing that what women have to say does not matter. It is showing that men will be rewarded for having to “listen” to a woman, even though they are probably not even listening. If it was a man, then this probably wouldn’t happen, and this goes back to the example of the woman superintendent. I may be taking this too seriously, but like I said, since taking this class, I notice a lot more.

  2. I remember saving a tweet from a male sports writer about this commercial and I’ll post it now in reply to your post, because it’s so true! Why is listening to your wife something that should be rewarded? Isn’t that something you should do anyway? I love that you posted this!

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