Posted by: stephanied23 | November 5, 2012

Female Leaders

I found this page and I thought that it would be benefitial to this class. As I was looking through this list I realized that I had never heard of many of these female leaders. It seems that we continue to lack the proper education on women in leadership. When I took Leadership Through the Ages, we only covered a few women leaders. I believe that it is important that regular leadership classes include more female leaders. I think that we are adding to the polarization of gender and leadership when we designate classes specifically to just women or just to men.


  1. I agree with this completely. I sometimes wish this class would study a few historical women figures – well known or not. This way we wouldn’t just learn about stigmas, but actually about women who are working to change it. It just reminds me of my Leadership class last semester where the only person we read about was Abraham Lincoln. I feel like it would have been completely shocking if we were handed a biography on a woman. Which shouldn’t be the case. Thank you for sharing this site.

  2. I thought the same thing when I took Leadership Through the Ages: we talked about one woman leader and the rest were males. A couple of classes ago when we discussed the article written by a guy that said there aren’t very many studies on “male leadership” I thought “well that’s because all we ever do is study men in leadership…” Frustrating!

  3. This gives no consolation at all, but I honestly can’t even remember ONE female leader in my Leadership Through the Ages course…and I just realized this now. Huh, don’t get me wrong, my class was great, but I didn’t even think about how underrepresented women are in our own program at CNU until now. I think I’m going to go talk to the department and see what their standards are concerning women representation. Considering over half of PLP are women, we should be included in the curriculum as well–of course, only the women who have made contributions to leadership, which are clearly more than we know.

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