Posted by: jessapo2014 | November 7, 2012

Discussion on Future Women Leader

Today in my government class on Comparative and International Politics, we were supposed to talk about gender but we discussed our opinions on the election. Now, I won’t get into the entire discussion or share my political views but what I do want to share is the discussion we had on whether a female president was in the future. I brought up that I am in the women and leadership class, which of course no one knew even existed, and that we have already touched on the subject of female presidency. I shared about looking at the Bitch and the Ditz article and the idea that tradition hold male leaders in the high positions. My professor didn’t realize how badly scrutinized women were during the election or in general (I must make the note that she is a German-American). We discussed the idea of a women president only being possible if they have come from our generation or the generation after us. There is the idea that the older generations now are the ones caring on tradition  and the middle still have it ingrained in their mindset. Our generation is starting to think more progressively and attempting to break more molds of society. Does anyone agree with this idea and thought process? I tried to explain that there are still large majorities of women who hold themselves back like we have discussed in class. I wonder what others may think and if they had any conversations like this today. 


  1. I definitely agree with what you have posted and that a women president will not be something to occur in the near future. One of the main points we have discussed throughout this course is the concept of time and how it relates to the potential balance of power between men and women. It is going to take time for the media to change there constant bashing and undermining of women, it is going to take time for voters to realize that women have the capabilities and qualifications to be president, and it is going to take a strong female presidential candidate to be the forerunner of change. Although time is not the only component that will bring about change that will in turn allow for a female president, it is an important variable that should be taken into consideration. Also with this time component future generations will continue to have a more progressive outlook on women as suitable leaders (as you previously stated). I do not see this change occurring in the near future, but with progress and change anything can be accomplished.

  2. I never like to take on the mindset of “not possible” perhaps unlikely, but I make a point to always leave a possibility open. I think the mindset people CHOOSE to be in affects the future. I mean, after all, the economy is all based on how people think about money; it’s the value they choose to put on the dollar. It’s our own fault if we accept less money for what something is actually worth. That is a very controversial theory, but it’s just an example.
    Anyway, I think a female president is possible. I’m not saying there won’t be contingencies. The most probable ways are: 1. If there is a woman vice president first who can hold her own and produce good results during her term. 2. If a natural disaster/attack happens that tears the country down to a vulnerably emotional state, and as we’ve said before, most people are more accepting of a woman being involved in a position of emotion. I know the President is not there to emotionally support the country, but if we are really torn down low, people want support and buy into it easily. I think a “communal” woman would have a better shot at the seat if something drastic changes America.

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