Posted by: sallygrace1993 | November 8, 2012

Today I told a friend who I’ve always considered quite the gentleman that I’d just gotten out of my Women and Leadership class. His exact response was, “Is that the class where ya’ll learn how to make sandwiches?” This comment was immediately followed by “Just kidding!” But I was surprised how genuinely irritated and annoyed I became. My only reply was, “We analyze comments like that and discuss why they’re unintelligent.” But I’ve been thinking about my emotional reaction sense. Previously, I believe I was almost proud at my ability to laugh along with demeaning women/feminist jokes. I thought being capable of poking fun showed I was actually confident in my place and power as a female. Perhaps there is some truth in this, but after spending nearly a semester studying and discussing relevant gender issues, I have lost tolerance for such slanders. They seem uneducated and foolish to me. I don’t believe I’m some sort of expert on the subject, not at all. I just now recognize that it is indeed a subject. 

I browsed the topic and came across the attached article. Included within the article are some other interesting links. I am also interested in everyone’s opinion regarding so-called sexist jokes. Harmful? Harmless? Is there simply a grey area somewhere in-between the extremes? 



  1. I totally agree with you. It is also like that me in my sex and gender class. Being educated on the differences between men and women, and norms associated with each makes me aware of every single thing now. I find myself analyzing the simplest things, which is something I have never done before.

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