Posted by: ryanhanks | November 8, 2012

Strong & Independent Women

Would it be too much to ask if one believes that a young woman can lead a group of individuals down a challenging road without the thought of people saying something negative about the woman’s particular style of leadership or how it is being used in a dysfunctional manner. Captain Noble, a commander of the Army Reserve, explained to us the importance of how it should not matter to other people criticizing someone who is not of his/her gender in order to promote awareness of leading by example and how women should never oppose other women who are willing to take the initiative of collaborating with others in order to continue the tread of receiving support and maintaining strong framework as an authentic leader. It is important to note how women leaders are beginning to rise up in the world demonstrating effective leadership styles without paying attention to anyone gossiping about how they are not running an organization and/or company in a functional manner. It is time to put the past behind us and it is time for people to understand that we are not living in an era where we believe that a woman can not accomplish any task objective which seems to best fit only in the male category. Yesterday, the Ballroom Dance Society of Christopher Newport University decided to hold elections for a new executive board in the spring semester where there were many women who were interested in running respectable leadership positions. However, when it came to voting which individual was best qualified for the position, for example vice president, there was a time when young men and women were criticizing the work ethics of the female candidate who was running for office, but expressed deep concerns regarding how the male candidate would be more suitable for the position based on the value of power and control. In conclusion, it seems that society has not always thought carefully when using good decision-making skills when it comes to describing if an individual would best fit the qualifications of running a leadership position because of the fact of applying the uses of gender stereotypes instead of focusing on deciding who would best understand the means of pursuing the goals of conduct where the company and/or organization would benefit from his/her practical applications of displaying effective leadership.

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