Posted by: niedermaier22 | November 9, 2012

2016 Election Already?

Even though the 2012 election just happened, people are already talking about who will be the candidates for the 2016 election. A rumored candidate is Hilary Clinton. I found this article on CNN talking about how she will NOT be running for president. She wants to leave politics and get her own life and time back. This article discusses the idea of women leaving the workplace because of everyday needs, such as children. It’s a definitely interesting article to read. Do you think Hilary Clinton will run for president in 2016? I find it hard to believe that she will not be a part of politics anymore.


  1. I think she’s leaving because of the stress put on her just by running. She was disrespected by the press and a number of voters. She wound up having a breakdown. I understand why she’s out, but should she drop? Can the election do without such a viable woman candidate? What would her actions say about women?

  2. I agree with Thomas on this one. I think that it’s not about working on her own life. I think she can do that and still be in politics. I believe that she may not want to run anymore because of all the criticism she received when she did run. The media constantly put her down for what she wore or things that had to do with her personal life. I would be frustrated if people were treating me that way. Although it can be difficult in politics, especially for women, I think that she should stay in it. Having a strong women like her in politics gives women a boost of confidence. It wouldn’t help to see her leave politics.

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