Posted by: africancleo | November 12, 2012

Leadership and Personality

After interviewing Mrs. H for my second paper, I came to the conclusion that maybe the ‘gender’ piece to leadership is becoming less and less relevant or perhaps in the newer jobs it does not matter. She works as a data analyst for Verizon which is a fairly demanding job but she loves it. She told me that it was because of her personality that she could do her job effectively and love it as much as she does. She described herself as being a more logical and thoughtful kind of person instead of ‘touchy-feely’. As of right now she is very confident in her ability to manage a team and get the numbers accurate. However, her ability to be this open about her personality happened over time. She has always been the way she is but she only felt comfortable showing her true self after a certain amount of time in the company. Thanks to her personality and skills she was able to get recognized for her various efforts and contributions and was promoted. She told that if she did not possess her qualities and personality she does not think that she would be able to accomplish the different tasks that her team have to do.

When the speaker from the last class, CPT. Goble, came to talk to us. I could not help but be curious as to how much does personality tie into leadership. Her character is what has helped her be the person and the captain that she is today as well as her experience and the people who have influenced her over the years. To what extent do you think it should and does influence one’s leadership regardless of gender? From what I have seen and experience, a great deal more than gender and I think that this is becoming more and more dominant in the work field.


  1. I completely agree with this. I think the gender piece does matter because I think men and women are biologically different, so of course we are going to operate differently. On the other hand, when it comes to gender in leadership, I think you are right. Personality and attitude are everything, so when a leader is passionate about their field, and they are good at what they do, I think they will be a good leader, regardless of gender. To counter that, gender is not something to be completely dismissed, but your observation is definitely legitimate and plausible.

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