Posted by: cj2kewl4u | November 14, 2012

Record Number of Women Will Serve in Congress; New Hampshire Elects Women to All Top Posts

Record Number of Women Will Serve in Congress; New Hampshire Elects Women to All Top Posts

“The largest number of women ever will serve in the 113th Congress…” is the first sentence in this document. This thrills me- all I can do is smile!

What are your reactions? What does this say (if anything) about the state of our country? Do you think we are embarking on a new frontier for women in legislatures?


  1. I think that this says a lot about women and politics. Marie Wilson’s book contains a lot of political examples. In the introduction, she even describes how leadership is “imbalanced” between men and women in the government. “Of 435 seats in the House of Representatives, only 70 are occupied by women; of 100 senators, only 16 are women. Only 30 women have ever been governors in the United States” (Wilson, 2007, p. xii). Comparing these numbers in 2007 to now, I think it’s a good step in the right the direction to get women more involved in the government. I think if other women see these women in Congress, then they may be influenced to get involved in the government as well. This makes me very happy.

  2. I think this is a great step for our country. I also think this says a lot about the ambition of our current women, and how seeing women lead can be more influential. Seeing as Nacy Pelosi was house speaker, basically the face of our legislative branch, this image could have encouraged more women to get involved. The same can be said about Hillary Clinton and Condi Rice, all great examples of successful women in politics. I also feel this says a lot about the quota issue we addressed on Tuesday. We do not have a quota system in any form of the government, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have participation of women, minorities or backgrounds. Maybe our biggest problem with Congress is that we have too many people holding on to their seats for life and prevent openings for anyone else. Maybe with this rise in numbers, we will see a change in the make-up of Congress, a new generation of capable women tending to important issues.

  3. I definitely agree with both of the posts above. There are ample successful women in politics, and I think we can attribute some of this success to inspiring women leaders such as Nancy Pelosi that set the bar high for women to become more involved in politics. They also showed women that they can be just as influential and involved as the men in congress/politics. I think this will be beneficial to both the legislature and state of our country. Women will bring different viewpoints, skills, and arguments that will promote higher-thinking and decision-making-men and women lead and think differently; that is why it is critical to have both in our legislature. The men and women will hopefully work collaboratively and establish positive change within the House and the Nation as a whole. I am thrilled to hear that there is a significant increase in representation of women in congress. This is a step in the right direction, however, my only fear is how the media will play a role in this. We all know of several women politicians who were scrutinized for their appearances and any flaws that may be a threat to their success as a woman leader, especially in the realm of politics.

  4. Honestly, I don’t exactly see this as much a new frontier as I do just a major improvement and a step in the right direction. Women have been in politics for a long time. They’ve just mostly been underrepresented. The fact that there are more women in Congress is good news, but it isn’t groundbreaking unless these are women who will be taken seriously and given respect by the media.

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