Posted by: sallygrace1993 | November 15, 2012

Marissa Mayer Returns to Yahoo Two Weeks After Baby

Marissa Mayer Returns to Yahoo Two Weeks After Baby

A professor of mine mentioned Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer returning to her job after only two weeks of maternity leave. “Hell no!” Were my professor’s precise words regarding the idea. Curious, I searched online for more information. When googling Marissa Mayer, most of the results consist of news about her work, specifically yahoo’s recent fluke regarding fantasy football. The results focus on her as a CEO to a large company, as they should. The attached article took me some time to find. Though the concerns of the contributors would probably not be the same were she a man, the fact it’s only “” ridiculing her is a positive step.


  1. I was really surprised by what you had to say about the articles you found. So I decided to look at what they’re saying about her now and did a google news search. I found that almost every thing that popped up had to do with her saying her baby was “easy.” I liked this one:

    While it’s not a news paper, I really liked what the author had to say. Basically she argues that we should not be ostracizing someone because she is successful. I also watched the video at the bottom of the page of the interview with Marissa Mayer and she says that just like Vince Lambardi, she believes that there are three things in her life–God, family, and Yahoo! in that order. She also says that the way that she gets everything done is just by prioritizing and it’s the only way to do so. She said that she stays very busy and has been very internally focused with her new job and her new baby boy, so she hasn’t been speaking to the public. I think it’s great that she has accomplished it all and manages to fit everything in. She is such a positive role model for women.

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