Posted by: thomashaymescnu | November 19, 2012

Looking back on some of our readings and blogs – some of the women in general that we have read about and studied – I realized that there was a bit of a rift in the older generations. Some women leaders noted approval from their mothers and grandmothers on their career paths; others, if I recall correctly, did not share such sentiments. While some women only dreamed of a better life, others were perfectly content living the modest life of an American housewife. I believe that the article that expressed this best was the Femme Mystique. The article initially infuriated me for its utter sexism. Considering this new data, I have to take back this initial reaction. It may be possible that not all women do not want the life of a career women, again as previously discussed in class. But I think that this sort of thinking should be discouraged, because there is a world beyond the suburbs that emerging women need to be exposed to.


  1. I think my question in response to you is how do we do this? Or better yet how do we determine who is raised to think “the suburbs” are all there is, and who actually wants that?

    I think the easiest way to have a solution is to provide outlets of all kinds for many different types of people. It is most important to remember that everyone has different goals and if society accepts that and provides a variety of opportunities for a variety of women. Thoughts?

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